Limousine transfers to Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok

Pick up Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok
Dropoff Bangkok
Average distance 30-45 km
Estimated travel time 45-75 minutes
Transportation via expressway yes
Toll included yes
Type of vehicle* MUV Family Car (max. 4 pers.)
Limousine (max. 2 pers.)
Mercedes Benz E240 (max. 2 pers.)
Minibus (max. 7 pers.)
Luggage space Limousine : 2 suitcases + 3 overnight bags
Minibus : 7 suitcases + 7 overnight bags
Baby Seat option yes, on request (200 baht)
Seatbelts in back yes
Rate MUV Family Car 950 baht
Limousine 950 baht
Mercedes Benz 1372 baht
Minibus 1199 baht
 Click on the blue rates to book your transfer now

Click on the blue rates to book your transfer now
Limousine:Toyota Camry
Mercedes Benz:Mercedes E240 (W210 series)
Minibus:Toyota VIP Minibus